I can sing a rainbow

A reflection on mental health awareness for my post today on our collaborative blog

Virtual Camino

Today, things did not go according to plan.  Today I was going to be super efficient.  I got up at 6.30 when my partner left for work.  He is an engineer at a power station and so classed as an essential worker.  I fought the urge to go back to bed, cleaned the kitchen, fed our pets and did 30 minutes of yoga, which sadly did not register as any distance on my step counter.  By 9 I was ready at my laptop, full of intentions to cycle the 13km of today’s leg over lunch on my exercise bike.  But it didn’t happen.  Some stuff came up that had to be dealt with, some real life stuff which needed me to spend the day listening and affirming and advocating and eating chips and cheese for lunch rather than cycling.  But it’s ok.  Now is not a time to be hard…

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