The smell of summer — Virtual Camino

Working at home during lockdown means I haven’t been commuting. At first it was not something I missed. Some mornings, I’ll admit, I’ve got out of bed at 8.57, gone down stairs to my coffee table desk and turned on the laptop still wearing my pajamas. It felt liberating but now I find myself struggling […]

The smell of summer — Virtual Camino
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O Cadavo to Lugo – 100kms to go! — Virtual Camino

The weather has taken a turn since last week’s sunset musings. The temperature has fallen and so has the rain, but that doesn’t matter when you are travelling virtually and most of your steps are indoors. I am also back at my virtual office, spending my days on Zoom calls, sending emails and drafting documents […]

O Cadavo to Lugo – 100kms to go! — Virtual Camino
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Berducedo to O Cádavo

I have made up some ground in the last week and have covered about 70kms, completing three more stages of my virtual Camino Primitivo: Berducedo to Grandas de Salime, onwards (and upwards if I were walking the route for real) to A Fonsagrada and then over the last high and steep stretch to O Cádavo. […]

Berducedo to O Cádavo
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Workplace Pompeii

A post about my first time back in the office since Lockdown began, over on our collaborative blog.

Yesterday I went further than I have in a single day for more than a week. For the first time in three months I visited my office, a journey of a little over 5km each way. Use of public transport is still discouraged where possible and so I walked. It’s a route I began taking […]

Workplace Pompeii


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Tineo to Berducedo

It has been a slow week. Not much writing, not much walking, but I’ve finally made it through the mountainous stages four and five of the Camino Primitivo. Just outside Borres the route temporarily splits. I chose the higher option which is the older and now no longer ‘official’ path. My guidebook, yes I bought […]

Tineo to Berducedo
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Salas to Tineo

It took three days but by yesterday evening I had covered the distance from my campsite 6km outside of Salas to Tineo.  The bulk of the journey was on Sunday with an 11km walk around my neighbourhood. I live close to the docks in a part of the city with a long industrial history which […]

Salas to Tineo
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I can sing a rainbow

A reflection on mental health awareness for my post today on our collaborative blog

Virtual Camino

Today, things did not go according to plan.  Today I was going to be super efficient.  I got up at 6.30 when my partner left for work.  He is an engineer at a power station and so classed as an essential worker.  I fought the urge to go back to bed, cleaned the kitchen, fed our pets and did 30 minutes of yoga, which sadly did not register as any distance on my step counter.  By 9 I was ready at my laptop, full of intentions to cycle the 13km of today’s leg over lunch on my exercise bike.  But it didn’t happen.  Some stuff came up that had to be dealt with, some real life stuff which needed me to spend the day listening and affirming and advocating and eating chips and cheese for lunch rather than cycling.  But it’s ok.  Now is not a time to be hard…

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Escamplero to Salas via San Juan de Villapanada

With a 7km run on day 2, a 5km walk on day 3, plus some vigorous typing, trips to the kitchen and circuits of the garden, I made up enough distance to join my fellow travellers at San Juan de Villapanada on Wednesday evening for my first night in a virtual bed rather than a […]

Escamplero to Salas via San Juan de Villapanada
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Desire Paths and Intention Lines

Virtual Camino

They are all over the city.  Everywhere there is a footpath across an open space, everywhere there are steps next to a slope, everywhere there is a gap in a fence or a wall or a hedge, there is a desire path.  These unofficial shortcuts, unsigned, unplanned, untarmacked are both a bane and blessing to city planners.  They betray the secrets of pedestrians, revealing with dead grass and trampled plants, how we react to our environment, where we want to go not where we are told to go.

These intention lines are most often equated with the path of least resistance.  They cut corners, cross junctions not at the lights but next to the bus stop.  By their very nature they differ from the planned route, they rebel against the rules.

But these are strange times and what we desire is no longer the quickest way from A to B. …

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Oviedo to Escamplero-ish

One of the handy things about a virtual walk is that if you fall short of your target you don’t have to spend the night in a field by the side of a path, unless you want to. The classic first leg of the Camino Primitivo is 25.5km (15.9 miles) from Oviedo to Grado, often […]

Oviedo to Escamplero-ish
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