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Good bye to all that

What can be said about 2016? I suspect much will be written now, at the turning of the year, and much will be written in the future. It feels odd to know that the time in which you are living … Continue reading

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How I learnt that I wasn’t Titania or a thank you to Mrs Doyle

In a change from the usual travel posts, an article I read this week resonated with me, reminding me of one of the many influential people who have crossed my path along the way and helped to make me who I … Continue reading

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The Forest

The forest had been on the horizon for some time. It wasn’t always visible but it was always there. If she looked at her feet, and concentrated on each step, the present could momentarily mask the future, but it could … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Word Hoard

It is in August, more than at any other time, that Edinburgh lives up to Robert Louis Stevenson’s description, and the name of this blog.  Any city dweller suffering from sensory overload, induced by too many stilt wearing, opera singing, juggling, … Continue reading

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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

My little corner of the world does not do summer well.  Although the days are long, too many of them are damp, or even downright wet, to plan any outdoor activity with certainty.  In those rare moments when the mercury … Continue reading

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Siren Call

Perhaps it comes from being of an island race, perhaps there is pirate or viking in my blood, perhaps it is that I have never lived further than ten minutes from the shore, perhaps it is the childhood memories, perhaps … Continue reading

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The waking of Briar Rose

Practice makes perfect.  That is what we’re told.  Whatever it is we are trying to achieve, from baking a souffle to standing on our heads, the more we do it the easier it becomes.  At least, that’s the theory. For … Continue reading

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