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5 things to do for free during the Edinburgh Festival – #3 Browse the books in Charlotte Square

The Edinburgh International Book Festival began on Saturday and runs until the 29th of August from its encampment of tents in Charlotte Square Gardens.  Last year I wrote, a little belatedly, about some of the events I had attended, but even … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Word Hoard

It is in August, more than at any other time, that Edinburgh lives up to Robert Louis Stevenson’s description, and the name of this blog.  Any city dweller suffering from sensory overload, induced by too many stilt wearing, opera singing, juggling, … Continue reading

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Wessex Girl

A year or so ago, I bought a copy of Roger Deakin’s Wildwood in a local charity shop and suggested it as a bookgroup read.  We hadn’t read any non-fiction before and I was hesitant about going off-piste so I … Continue reading

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Dear Reader

I suppose it is only logical that to be a good writer you first have to be a good reader.  It would be a very rare bloom indeed that flourished without at least some roots in the nourishing humus of … Continue reading

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