Virtual Travels

I fell out of love with writing last year. I just couldn’t find the motivation. My posting had become sporadic, each new blog entry started with an apology for absence.

I became distracted by the easy gratification of Instagram, then annoyed with myself for chasing likes. I questioned my motivation. It felt like I was no longer writing for myself. And so I stopped.

We are now ten weeks in to lockdown in the UK. Last week I opened WordPress for the first time in months. It was reassuring, with all the stress and turmoil in the world, to see my favourite bloggers still well and posting. I began to think about writing again.

But what to write about? I had unused travel material but it seemed wrong and out of place, a tone deaf celebration of privilege. Then I got a message from my mum.

My parents live almost 500 miles away to the south. It will be quite some time until I see them in person. Some families have been hosting quizzes to keep in touch during social distancing, others share a drink by Skype. Mum suggested we go for a walk. Virtually.

So we find ourselves setting out on an adventure, my octogenarian grandad, my mum, my 20 year old sister and me. An age span of four generations walking together, apart. Our chosen route is the Camino Primitivo, the oldest of Spain’s pilgrim trails to Santiago. We will be posting about our travels here on WordPress at Virtual Camino, and, if you would like to join us I will be reblogging my posts on this site and you can read all the posts together here



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