An invitation

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Virtual Camino

‘Would you like to walk the Camino Primitivo with me?’ A question I was not expecting nine weeks in to lockdown. I live in one of the most densely populated parts of my city, with an estimated 26,000 people per 800 metres, making exercise outdoors in a socially distanced way almost impossible. I’ve barely ventured beyond my garden in months. The thought of going to the supermarket is challenging, walking 230 miles through mountainous Spain? Incomprehensible.

But of course this would be virtual travel. Measuring the distance we move each day and plotting it against the oldest pilgrimage route to Santiago. Seasoned walkers can complete the journey in under two weeks; with work and other commitments our pace will be slower but this is not about targets and records, it is not a race. It is about mutual experience whilst isolated, completing something together whilst apart. It is about family…

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