Finland – flashfoward and flashback

Second only to travel itself, I love the anticipation of travel: the building excitement as a long awaited trip draws nearer; the adrenaline of a last minute decision to book; the pleasing intricacies of itinerary research; lying awake at night picturing yourself in that place and what you will do.

In the last week the first steps towards a late summer sojourn to Finland have been taken. A good friend, long bright nights, saunas and crayfish await.  Thinking about things to come has put me in mind of things past.  Reminiscences come as powerful as expectations.

The last time I visited Finland it was deep winter; our island home reached by snowmobile, the forest blanketed in snow, the dark falling early, icicles as long as my arm.  It is hard to imagine arriving by boat, swimming where I have skied, gladly jumping in the lake rather than a tentative post sauna dip.

What is to come and what has been. Memories made and still unformed. The day count has begun, fortunately it’s short.

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5 Responses to Finland – flashfoward and flashback

  1. Heading back to Finland in a few weeks time, just love it there so much!

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  2. J.D. Riso says:

    Hope you have a great trip. Finland is a country filled with silence and mystery.

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