5 things to do for free during the Edinburgh Festival – #5 Visit the Royal Botanic Garden


As August slides in to September, Festival season comes to an end in Edinburgh.  The city takes a deep breath in the lull between the last of the tourists and performers leaving and the return of four universities worth of students.  For those looking for somewhere to enjoy this quiet interlude or already planning next year’s trip, the Royal Botanic Garden is the perfect location to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine.


The Gardens are open all year round and admission is free although there is a charge to enter some parts of the glasshouses.


Divided in to a number of gardens within a garden, the winding paths and hidden aspects make the 70 acre plot feel much larger and there is always more to discover from the intricately decorated shell house in the Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden, the waterfalls and pavilion of the Chinese Hillside Garden,  to the maze-like terraces of the Rock Garden and the secret fairy enclave in the bluebell wood.




As well as plants, the Garden is home to a number of buildings which house the visitors’ centre, cafes and temporary art exhibitions.  There is also art to be found outside including pieces by Andy Goldsworthy.  With a full programme of organised events, and an ever-changing backdrop, the Garden has so much to offer visitors and locals alike, in August and throughout the year.


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5 Responses to 5 things to do for free during the Edinburgh Festival – #5 Visit the Royal Botanic Garden

  1. I do love a great botanical garden. I never made it there when I visited but would love to return one day.

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  2. Peta Kaplan says:

    I love Botanic Gardens and have visited them in Mbtreal, Chicago, Paris, Sri Lanka, France, Morocco, to name a few and this one is no exception to loveliness.



  3. freebutfun says:

    Good theme for a post😉

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