5 things to do for free in Iceland – #5 Reykjavik wanderings

Reykjavik is certainly not one of the cheapest cities but there are still plenty of things to do for free. The centre is relatively compact and so an ideal way to spend a day is to take a wander amongst the amazing street art, architecture and municipal sculpture of the world’s most northerly capital.


Solfar or The Sun Voyager

Make sure your route includes a stop at the famous Hallgrímskirkja church. For a fee you can climb the tower but it costs nothing to go inside and marvel at the sparse beauty of the white interior.



A trip to the harbour side is also a must. Here you can pay to take a whale watching trip, go sea fishing or visit the maritime museum.  For free you can admire the brightly painted



houses and ships or, if your legs are up to it, take a walk to the western most point of the harbour wall to climb Þúfan (Hillock) a sculpture by artist Ólöf Nordal. The grass covered artificial mound is circled by stone steps that lead you to a little wooden hut full of drying fish and fantastic views across the water to the city.



For more views for free venture to the outskirts and Perlan, a glass dome built amongst parkland on top of some of Reykjavik’s many hot water storage tanks. There is a revolving restaurant in the roof and another café and souvenir shops inside, but anybody can access the observation deck and look out over the city to the sea or inland to the mountains and plan their next Icelandic adventure.


The view from the top of Perlan

For more things to do for free in Iceland, see here.


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4 Responses to 5 things to do for free in Iceland – #5 Reykjavik wanderings

  1. I love that Solfar sculpture.

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  2. If I put my analytical hat on, I’d say the outside echoes the geometric geology of the lava flows and the inside is like the hull of an upturned boat, offering spiritual shelter as the Icelandics’ real boats offer physical shelter but really it’s just beautiful and far more fitting for the location than an copy of the high baroque of mainland European churches would have been.


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