Love thy neighbour

This week took me to Glasgow on a rare rainless day.  Much is made of the differences between the Living Rock and its western cousin, differences that are present even in their similarities.  The buildings of both are predominately sandstone, but one is blonde, the other red.  Both are bisected by rivers; whilst the Clyde cuts straight through, the Water of Leith winds between.  Each has its parks, its museums and its art, each is full of history, of spirit, of stories, each loved with a passion by its inhabitants and dismissed by its neighbours.  It is not acceptable to like both equally, you must choose.  Rivalry can be good, it encourages ingenuity and development, it fosters pride, but sometimes it is as important to appreciate the other’s successes as it is to cultivate your own.  Glasgow put on a show in the sunshine, I only wish I’d had a better camera with me to capture it.


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