Reading Resolutions and Literary Travels

IMG_3920My two person book group went for a new year’s walk last weekend (for more on my book group bigamy see  Amidst the general catching up and blowing away of Christmas cobwebs our thoughts turned to the reading year ahead.

Our selection process so far has been to take it in turns to pick a book.  It is always something that neither has read but apart from that there are no real themes or criteria.  We have read modern writing and old classics, male and female authors, native English speakers and works in translation, fiction and non-fiction.

This time it happened to be my friend’s turn and, because it is already unopened on her shelf, Laila Lalami’s ‘The Moor’s Account’ was her choice.  I have not read any Moroccan writing before and, with the exception of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘Love in the time of Cholera’, our book group has not read anything South American based.  Wouldn’t it be interesting, I mused, if every book we read this year was by an author from a different country.  And so, just like that, a resolution was made.

I am excited to find out what this voyage of literary discovery will bring.  I am also excited to combine three loves; reading, travel and planning.  There is so much opportunity for new experiences, new favourites, new perspectives and new spreadsheets!  I suspect some of our adventures will find their way to these electronic pages.  Not wishing to be too ambitious, our plan is to read one book from each continent.  After Morocco perhaps we’ll take a trip to Australasia or Asia.  Do you have any suggestions for our next read and what will you be reading this year?

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