Tales from the Living Rock


When I began this blog at the beginning of the year I wasn’t really sure what it would become.  I dabbled in recording things I was making, used it to practice writing, taking a few tentative steps in to the world of creative non-fiction.  I suppose the best way to sum it all up is as a collection of musings, very much as the choice of name predicted, a profusion of eccentricities.

But, recently, a theme has begun to emerge.  This city, this dream in masonry and living rock, its people and its places, is featuring more and more.  Perhaps this is unsurprising.  We write what we know best and, at the moment, I am not straying far from the walls of my kingdom.

I do not know whether anything will come of this departure.  Perhaps a separate blog will be born.  For now a new category feels appropriate and I’ll see where the words take me.

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