Blue Sky Thinking


Mr S recently came in to possession of this printed fabric of Mount Fuji.  It is designed to be used as a handkerchief but I thought it looked too good to be subjected to my ever active nose.  It is the wrong shape to use as a scarf and too small to be made in to a tote or cushion.  I was stumped.  Then Mr S came up with a great idea.  I have always like taking photographs but have only recently become the owner of a ‘proper’ camera.  The strap that it came with is printed with the make and model, which was a little uniform for my liking and also a mugger’s dream, so I have been looking for an alternative.  I had seen a few that I liked online but the good ones were quite expensive or from the States with the associated delivery charges and waiting times.  So, with characteristic stinginess, Mr S suggested I had a go at making one myself and tonight the fabric found its use.


First I made a template from the existing strap out of a cereal packet, before using it to cut a strip slightly larger than the width needed.  I chose a piece from the edge of the handkerchief so that I would have one side that was already hemmed and relatively straight.  I folded the cut edge over the template and ironed it down to get a crisp line before sewing both edges of the fabric strip on to the strap.  This way I’d get to keep the cushioned non-slip underside.  My sewing isn’t great, and it took nearly two hours from start to finished without a machine, but I’m quite proud of my efforts.  The stitching may be a little wonky but at least now it is one of a kind.  Now to decide what to do with the rest.


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