What’s in a name?

Now that the metaphorical sticking plaster has been ripped off and the first post has been, well, posted, it seems that the done thing is to set out my manifesto.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for some time but didn’t really know where to begin and so I had a look at some ‘how to’ advice.  There seemed to be three big decisions to make:

  1. Deciding what to write.  Not only does this have to be something that you are able to sustain for an extended period of time and are passionate and knowledgeable about, your take on it must be more interesting and more unique than the countless other blogs on the same subject.  Simple.
  2. Giving the blog a name.  See point 1 re the importance of eye-catching uniqueness but, for added pressure, consider that, whilst your writing style and theme has time to develop, the name you choose is your one shot, a few simple words to sum up an entire personality.  Good luck with that.
  3. Anonymity.  Unless your blog is your career, keep your career away from your blog.  Ditto everything else you hold dear.  Doesn’t leave an awful lot left to write about.

Needless to say these three things scared me somewhat but then the realisation that in all likelihood no one will ever read what I write, persuaded me to take the plunge anyway and so I have decided the following:-

  1. The motivation behind all of this is to practice writing in an environment where there are no real constraints on what I write about.  Therefore the theme, for now, is whatever is on my mind at the moment I begin to type.  Perhaps a more coherent structure will assert itself as I go along, perhaps it won’t, but for now the plan is not to have a plan.  Consider yourself subverted point 1.
  2. Bearing in mind point 1, the name Profusion of Eccentricities seemed to lend itself quite nicely.  It comes from a favourite quote by Robert Louis Stevenson, encompassing within it many a love of mine, literature, carved stone and the fair city of…
  3. Ah.  Breaking rule 3 before I’ve even got started.  Great.

So there we have it and there I will leave it for now.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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